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Tips from Tasha

Don’t let bullyin get 2 u, STAND UP 4 urself and 4 ur friends. Always tell a teacher,parent,friend or any1 u trust. Remember it’s not ur fault so don’t let it get 2 u. If ur afraid then call Childline they will help u 2. Don’t worry it’s happened 2 me b4.

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Tips from Amy

if your being bullied you have to tell someone, they can sort it out. if your too scared to tell an adult stand up for yourself tell them that they dont scare me and am not a wuss



Tips from Bethan

never let anyone drag you down; never focus on the negatives in life; think of the positives; & treat others the way you would like to be treated; remember that you are beautiful no matter what anyone says or thinks; because it really is the inside that counts; dont be fake, & i dont mean fake as in makeup i mean fake on the inside; always be yourself and dont change for anyone

Be yourself


Tips from Kayleigh

if you are being bullied try and stand up to the bully they just want people to like them and to be popular and try and act all it but you can beat them if you try verry hard and then they will stp being bullys.



Tips from Alana

I think bullying is very hertful and if u are being bullyed tell some one you trust very much If it happens in school tell a teacher and when u get home tell an adult to talk to ur teacher.

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