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If you or any of your friends are being bullied online or on your mobile you can do something about it.

Speak up to stop bullying!

Tell an adult. Talk to your mum, dad, or a teacher. Telling them doesn’t make you a grass. Talking to your friends will make you feel better, but remember to speak to an adult – they can really help.

If you’re not sure you are ready to talk to someone face to face about bullying, here are a few helplines and email addresses specially set up for young people like you. All calls are free and you don’t need to tell them who you are if you don’t want to:

ChildLine 0800 1111
NSPCC 0808 800 5000
Connexions 080 8001 3219
Samaritans 08457 90 9090
Bullybusters 0800 169 6928 /

Other helpful sites

You’re not alone – visit these sites to find out what other young people do to stop bullying. See what they’ve done to stop feeling scared, angry and lonely. for stories and top 10 tips on how to beat bullying. to find out why young people bully, how to get more self confidence and how to deal with feeling really angry. to have a look at Beat Bullying’s anti-bullying toolkit for young people. to access practical information and advice for young people and their parents, and how schools and youth organisations beat bullying. for more tips on how to beat bullying and also messages of encouragement from young people who’ve got through it. to share your ideas with other young people on how to tackle bullying. and visit the Young ABA page to find out how young people are getting actively involved in tackling bullying.

Mobile networks

Contact your mobile network… they can tell you how to block specific numbers on your handset and have lots of useful technical tips on how to beat bullying.

0845 412 5000; 150 from a T-Mobile handset

Tesco Mobile
0870 900 4455

3 Network
08707 330 333; 333 from a 3 handset

0870 521 4000
Email: O2 Nuisance Call Bureau at

Monthly pay – 07973 100 150; 150 from an Orange handset
Pay as you go – 07973 100 450; 450 from an Orange handset
Email: Click ‘Email’ on the Orange website

Virgin Mobile
0845 6000 789; 789 from a Virgin Mobile handset
Email: or click ‘contact us’ at the Virgin Mobile website

Malicious calls -191 for operator. Texts/picture messages/web: Monthly pay – 08700 700191; Pay as you go – 08700 776655

BT Mobile
0800 783 2326

Popular tips

Ignore it, if it bothers you too much and gets more intense, tell an adult or even a friend, if that doesnt work then take it to higher authorities 🙂

Dont give in; Show them that it’s not right what they are doing. Show that silly people cant change you, your strong, believe in yourself!

If I started getting text messages this time round, I would inform the police straight away and go to my network provider. Without a shadow of a doubt cos I really don’t want to go through the same thing again.

tell a school teacher, if happening in school

keep your head held high dont let them overpower you, you are the bigger one walk away and dont stop you’re the bigger one for walking away!

Sponsered Programs

Sponsered programs are everywhere offering everything from tips by text to cheap canvas art with anti-bullying quotes  for kids who are being bullied. Let’s work together to help young people dealing with bullying.


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